Grandfather used to eat with us on special plates.

Date of birth:
Getta Neumann
November. 2012
Lod, Israel

Did you keep kosher at home?

Iudit: Not in at our house. When at our home, grandfather used to eat on special plates. My mother's brother, that is his son, did not eat a single slice of bread with us. We were not kosher. It was also difficult to keep kosher, and we lacked determination... We had holidays, we went to church; they took us pupils from school to church.

Duci (annoyed, corrects her): To the synagogue!

Iudit: To the synagogue! We celebrated the holidays. I’ve been lighting the Shabbat candles since we got married. Friday night.

Neumann, G. (2014) Destine evreiești la Timișoara. Portretul comunității din perioada interbelică până azi, Bucharest: Hasefer Publishing House

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