There was a system of balls and parties in Caransebeş, according to the Central European system.

Prof. Bujor Jumanca
Date of birth:
Roxana Pătrașcu

Until the War, the Jews in Caransebeş had an association, a synagogue and their own rites. I remember that there were celebrations, and I was there during Purim.

The masked ball will take place in Caransebeșul Nou, in two weeks, at the end of February, under the patronage of the Roman Catholic Church. The Germans used to organise a masked ball, and we all attended, both Romanians and Jews, because it was a fun time.

There was a system of balls and parties in Caransebeş, according to the Central European system, namely all institutions and groups of citizens had their own specific balls. For instance, there were the Jewish Purim balls, which were the most successful; the Catholic Church balls; and then there were the school balls (because each high school organised its own ball). There was a theological academy in Caransebeş from 1800 or so until 1948. Now it has been re-established. Therefore, there was also the ball of theologians and the theological school. The students stayed there until 12 o'clock, after which they went home and the parents, teachers, and guests remained.There were also performances at these balls. I remember that once, on Purim, the Jews brought camels and donkeys from a circus and came dressed in the Jewish clothes of the time of Moses. There were children and women on donkeys and camels, and they made a tour of the ballroom. Or at the opera, for instance, they would use real elephants to parade on stage in "Aida".

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