Annie is a very nice girl, even though she's Jewish.

Annie Hammer
Date of birth:
Getta Neumann
by phone

In 1957, after the Hungarian revolution of 1956, Jews began to be removed from the teaching staff in the faculties. “Improving the social composition of the teaching staff" was the slogan. My file had “Daughter of an exploiter’ written on it. It was not taken into account that I had been a member of the party since 1942. We Jews were not accepted. When I got kicked out of the Medical Institute, my professor said, “Annie is a very nice girl, even though she's Jewish.” He was an Aromanian from Macedonia who had attended Oxford on a scholarship. And yet: “even though…”

Neumann, G. (2014) Destine evreiești la Timișoara. Portretul comunității din perioada interbelică până azi, Bucharest: Hasefer Publishing House

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